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Trendy crazy golf, by Swingers

Mon, 27 Oct 2014  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

Having heard all the talk about the ‘Swingers’ club, I couldn’t wait to check it out. It’s not what you’re thinking, it is in fact the new pop-up crazy golf course and bar in East London! So I went for a ‘busman’s night out’ with a few pals, down to trendy Shoreditch, to see what all the fuss was about.

I must say I found the whole concept brilliant. Aside from the awesome course, my highlights were delicious food provided by ‘When Mac met Cheese’ and ‘Pizza Pilgrims’; the cocktail bar (with a huge selection of drinks); and the fashionably dressed and very friendly Swingers crew! One even showed me how to play the correct shot on hole 2, after witnessing many others mess it up!

I experienced quite a few minigolf ‘firsts’, and that’s saying something given how long I’ve been working at UrbanCrazy! A windmill drinks table; a miniature bowling alley for the bonus 10th hole; and a picture of Alan Partridge on the wall alongside the course were all novelties. The putters and balls, however, I had seen before, given they were all supplied directly from our stock room!

I’ve seen a fair few great courses in my time and this was no exception! I enjoyed the ‘loop the loop’, bridges, ramps and tunnels – there was no shortage of excitement on every hole. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into the design.

Our closely fought contest was won by Tim Worboys from WallJam, who on the last hole had a chance to equal the course record of 17! Tim still banged in a very impressive 20. I followed him with 23, Stuart Conroy from Activ8 was next with 29 and Sam Biggerstaff from Everblades finished on 32.

Have I enticed you enough to want a game? All the information you’ll need is on the Swingers website.

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