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Doritos Dip Desperado

Wed, 27 Jul 2011  |  Jon Angel, UrbanCrazy

The latest Doritos marketing campaign features a TV ad telling the story of fictional character Esteban Ortega aka The Doritos Desperado, “chip, dip, flick” champion for an incredible 22 years, eventually losing his title in 1989.

Along with the ad, Pepsico have brought out an I-phone, Android and Facebook app – and now – a giant playset devised and built by us here at UrbanCrazy!

The game, which comprises a 25ft long backdrop, floor, giant jar and foam Doritos chips as well as a number of props, has been entertaining shoppers at many ASDA supermarket car parks up and down the country over the last few weeks, with anyone landing 3 out of 4 chips in the jar winning a snazzy t-shirt. We’re reliably told that underarm is the best technique!

Alongside the game, visitors have been invited to sample some of the new Doritos flavours including “Ultimate Cheeseburger” and “Meat Feast Pizza” and try new dips such as “Red Pepper & Paprika” and “Flamin BBQ”. Both the game and the samples have gone down well with the public, with Doritos receiving very good feedback from all parts of the country.

To view stunning photos of the game just click on the gallery (right).

UrbanCrazy’s workshop can not only create portable minigolf courses and props, but all sorts of giant games and features. To find out what we can do for you, please contact us or dial 08456 860 360 and chat with a member of our Creative Team.

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