Trevor & Martin Robertson

The Mount Olympus of crazy golf

Sat, 07 Jul 2012  |  Jon Angel, UrbanCrazy

Well, what a feast of entertainment we enjoyed on Saturday 7 July. The Crazy Golf Pro Championships on Selfridges rooftop was undoubtedly one of the most eccentric and enthralling events we have ever taken part in. Organised by Bompas & Parr and us here at UrbanCrazy, a field of 30 players made up of BMGA minigolf legends and wildcards competed to become the champion of this quirky minigolf tournament. Read more

Hole 7, before and after

This crazy golf course is all Wight!

Mon, 25 Jun 2012  |  Jon Angel, UrbanCrazy

In this age of ‘staycations’, many British seaside towns are working to capitalise on our nation’s rediscovery of the UK’s beautiful and cherished coastline. And in a drive to boost tourism, the administration for one such seaside town, Sandown on the Isle Of Wight, commissioned UrbanCrazy to regenerate their crazy golf course – a course that has been in existence for close to half a century! Read more

Jelly on a plate

Don’t eat the obstacles

Mon, 11 Jun 2012  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

We’ve seen some really ‘crazy’ crazy golf courses in our time, but this one took the biscuit! Food architects Bompas and Parr created a 9-hole cake-themed course on the roof of Selfridges; with such superb obstacles and features in the shape of London’s most famous landmarks, its enough to make your legs turn to jelly. What a treat to go and play on this course – especially as we provided them with all the cups, putters and balls they required, putting the cherry on the cake of one of the most unique mini golf courses we have ever seen. For 10 points, how many puns have you seen in this first paragraph? Read more

Our Richard with John Parrott

A Parrott that was sick as one!

Fri, 04 May 2012  |  David McConnachie, UrbanCrazy

We were delighted to be asked back to The One Show studio, this time to convert one of our portable crazy golf courses into an ultra-long snooker ‘table’. But UrbanCrazy’s Entertainment Manager, Richard, was more excited than the rest of us. Why? Because he’s a snooker fanatic and jumped at the chance of meeting the 1991 World Snooker Champion, John Parrott MBE. Read more

Hole in one for a donation

The Emerald Isle(s)

Thu, 26 Apr 2012  |  James Palmer, UrbanCrazy

When over 900 delegates turned up to the 2012 Teradata Universe conference in Dublin, they were faced with 7 very different types of ‘Emerald Isles’.

Guests, who had travelled from all over the world to attend the event at the Convention Centre in the heart of Dublin’s financial district, were entertained by UrbanCrazy’s new “Emerald Minigolf Course”. Each of the 7 holes was branded to promote sponsors. Read more

Basingstoke Minigolf – from the air

Visit Basingstoke minigolf course!

Fri, 30 Mar 2012  |  Jon Angel, UrbanCrazy

UrbanCrazy is happy to announce that the brand-new minigolf course at Basingstoke Golf Centre, is now … open!

In 2011 Basingstoke & Deane Community Leisure Trust commissioned UrbanCrazy to design and build a 9-hole course with a miniature golf putting green. The challenge was to create a facility that would entertain visitors of all ages and complement the other activities at the golf centre, which comprises a pitch and putt course, a floodlit driving range and a golf shop. Read more

Our unusual Bowling Hole

Future crazy golf superstars

Wed, 21 Mar 2012  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that portable crazy golf is an excellent way to keep children of all ages entertained. UrbanCrazy was booked to provide one of the main sources of entertainment for the annual Easter Party at the Chelsea Design Centre – famous for also hosting London Design Week 2012.

Within minutes of the party starting, the kids ran to all four corners of the room to explore the activities that had been brought in for them. There was a pen with bunny rabbits and one-day old chicks, a party entertainer, lots of scrumptious food and drinks, an Easter Egg Hunt and of course, UrbanCrazy’s “Designer” crazy golf course. Read more

Money Hole

Fun on the roof

Thu, 02 Feb 2012  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

The sky was the limit. Or in this case one hundred feet above Kensington High Street!

Bought by Richard Branson in 1981, Kensington Roof Gardens has hosted many chic and spectacular events from celebrity birthdays to live music nights with all the big names from around the world. And in January this year, UrbanCrazy brought its own unique form of amusement to the roof gardens in the shape of corporate crazy golf… with a twist. Each hole had a different theme to it! Read more

The One Show

James May, DIY minigolf star

Tue, 20 Dec 2011  |  Jon Angel, UrbanCrazy

James May’s Man Lab sees James help viewers relearn vital skills that are in danger of being lost forever. In the second series, James and his team set about performing action packed feats, teaching practical skills and creating wacky inventions, such as the wildest crazy golf hole ever. Read more

Happy couple

UrbanCrazy says “I do”

Wed, 16 Nov 2011  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

Question: What‘s the best way to entertain guests at a wedding?

Answer: With a stylish, personalised mini golf course supplied by UrbanCrazy!

Our eye-catching, mobile minigolf courses are the latest sensation to hit the wedding scene – even we can’t believe how much of an impact they have made. There is surely no better way to inject pizzazz into a wedding reception! Read more

Ipswich Building Society

Minigolf. The perfect cure for IBS!

Mon, 05 Sep 2011  |  Jon Angel, UrbanCrazy

Earlier this year, Suffolk-based creative agency Poulsen Selleck approached UrbanCrazy to create a 3-hole portable minigolf course on behalf of their client, Ipswich Building Society.

The requirement was for an exciting, attractive, themed course which IBS could take on the road during the summer months, for the public to sample at various community events. In between those events, some of the holes were to be stationed at their branches around Suffolk to give customers something to do whilst queuing for “cashier number four, please”! Read more

The British squad, May 2011

Minigolf’s coming Holm

Tue, 16 Aug 2011  |  James Palmer, UrbanCrazy

Did you know that minigolf is played as a competitive sport all around the world? Yes, it’s true! And what’s more, the Great Britain Men’s Minigolf squad, sponsored by UrbanCrazy, will soon be heading to Stockholm to take part in the World Minigolf Championships, which runs from 24-27 August. Read more