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Warwick Adventure Golf

Creating a grand adventure golf course, dressed with natural elements including planting and water.

The mission

We were presented with a ¾ acre site in a popular Warwickshire park and asked to plan and construct an 18-hole course that would fill the area. We were also required to use hard and soft landscaping and incorporate large water features to create an attractive facility.

Good timing Google Earth!


Being that the site is in the middle of a busy municipal park there was understandably a heavy onus on CDM and DDA compliance. Pathway widths, gradients and general accessibility were all under scrutiny, so it was important we got it right. For the layout, we designed the holes to weave around the centrepiece – a 330 sq ft lake!

Plan view drawingSome of the hole sketchesSome more hole sketchesStream concept

Our work

We broke ground in the Autumn of 2006 and worked over the winter. Owing to the scale of the project, our crew (of up to 10 at times) worked through all conditions to get the work done. The biggest challenges were in keeping the lake watertight and ensuring the drainage system worked across the entire site.

Early stages groundworksField workIt's beginning to take shapeStaircase almost doneWork continuesBuilding in the site featuresThe bricks arrive on siteSolid as a rockFitting the specialist minigolf carpet

The results

The course opened bang on schedule, the first day of the 2007 spring holiday, by local council dignitaries. Members of the British Minigolf Team mingled with hundreds of local visitors for the opportunity to set the lowest score on the course. To see so many visitors on our creation was a proud moment indeed!

The dual level 7thAdventure golf - perfect for all agesAn UrbanCrazy landscapeFlag bearerThe daunting 2ndPink putter to match the outfitKeep your eyes on the ballThe view from the 3rd teeWater feature and rocksShaving the borderPathway to happiness

And finally…

Dale Best, head of Leisure & Amenities at Warwick DC described the course as “a fantastic addition to the park”. Powerful words. And since then, Warwick Adventure Golf has gone on to host high-profile BMGA tour events including the Midlands Open and British Doubles.

Happy customersWe declare this course ... open2006 British Minigolf Champion, John MooreAn aerial view of Warwick Adventure Golf
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