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Our favourite obstacles

Wed, 16 Mar 2016  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

There is no finer complement to a crazy golf course than a selection of wacky obstacles. Wouldn’t you agree? I set out on a quest to find out what our staff think is the greatest obstacle we’ve ever produced and most importantly, why. Here were my findings:

Whilst grinning, “Terry Butcher. It has to be Terry Butcher! I had so much fun building it (for Baker and Kelly’s VSPO), especially with all the ‘blood’, which went everywhere! Danny Baker nearly fell off his chair”

“It has to be the lighthouse at Saltburn! Why? Have you ever seen a multi-coloured Pringle-style lighthouse before?”

“The horseshoe obstacle, as it looks great and the ball can often travel around the inside edge and drop in”

“The rings around the Target Hole, because it’s difficult to gauge the pace – exactly how I designed it”, he says chortling. “You often see short putts missed, a bit like my game (big golf) at the moment”

“Most definitely the wedding cake, as it was first used at my wedding. It was so lifelike that one of the caterers picked it up thinking it had been left there by mistake. True story, I promise!”

With a sarcastic undertone, “The ramp, as you’re never quite sure if someone’s mischievous enough to launch the ball with a bit more than the required pace”

“It would have to be the bowling pins from the Designer Course. I’m always on the hunt for the right props and these were just perfect, making a great sound when knocked by the ball!”

“The 3D letters. Why? Do I really need to spell it out?”

And last but not least me…

“My favourite is the wall of the bunker on the golf hole of our Designer Course. My reason – Ally McCoist! Click here to see why”

We’d love to hear what your favourite UrbanCrazy obstacle is? Send us a tweet @Urban_Crazy

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