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Playing Saltburn Minigolf: Hints and Tips

Mon, 02 May 2016  |  Jon Angel, UrbanCrazy

Saltburn Promenade has been home to a fabulous new minigolf course since March 2016. We designed and built the course to offer an enjoyable game for visitors of all ages and a treat for the eyes, with cleverly-placed seaside-themed obstacles and features. You must putt past the surfboard, around the lighthouse, over the bridge, through the beach hut and down the Bagatelle for glory!

Read on to learn more about the facility and for pointers on how to play some of the holes ahead of your next visit. Check out the gallery to the right for some of our favourite photos.

So the course begins on hole 1 which, I dare say, is where all courses should begin. It is a snakey layout with a rock hazard near the target end. It is important to get your round off to a good start, so place your ball to the left side of the tee and aim at the near right border. On a good day you could kick things off with a ‘hole in one’!

There are many ways to play hole 2 with its ramp, surfboard island and subtle humps and bumps, so we’ll leave it to you to explore the different options for yourself.

*SPOILER ALERT* Hole 3 is a trick of the mind, tempting you to aim left when in fact it is best to run round the seemingly redundant extension to the far right. Play it with a bit of OOMPH and the ball will swing back around and could end up very close to the hole!

Hole 4, with its snazzily dressed lighthouse obstacle, is a beast. Strike your ball true to hug the border behind the lighthouse and it will take one further rebound towards the cup. But watch out, this method could go hideously wrong if your aim is off.

The next hole offers a bit of respite… the fifth is statistically the easiest on the course. Providing you safely negotiate the rocks near the start you should be scoring no worse than a two, but there’s a good probability of an ace.

Hole 6 – Bridge Over The River Tees – is my personal favourite and mostly all about touch. You can opt to feather the ball over the bridge for a direct route, too soft though and the ball will simply roll back to your feet. Impart a bit more pace and you can play a rebound off the back, but beware, two mounds guard the hole and a generous area of rough will trap wayward shots.

Hole 7 is a signature hole on the course… here you must play through the baby blue beach hut. It is possible to get in and out in one shot, but it ain’t easy!

The next hole is a tricky little number. Hole 8’s slope can help or hinder depending on your power. My tip is to play a delicate shot and tickle the ball up the slope so that it feeds down towards the target. Get it wrong and you are likely to end up in the rough.

By now the heart will be beating fast, but hole 9 favours the brave. The double-rebound shot is fraught with danger (as I discovered to my embarrassment), though it’s still your best chance of a hole-in-one.

Tot up your scores to see if your round has resulted in redemption or ridicule. But it doesn’t quite end there because there is a bonus 10th hole, giving you the chance to come back again for free. Play up the slope, through the pipe and down into the Bagatelle. The rest is pure luck – the ball will ping around for a few seconds – and if it lands in the lucky pocket an alarm will sound signalling to everyone, far and wide, that you have won a free game!

Former British Minigolf Champion (and the North East’s very own) John Moore went along recently to play the course and commented that it was a good test of skill and that he’ll be back to play again. If you see him up there, challenge him to a game!

Saltburn Minigolf sells a range of snacks and cold and hot drinks from the kiosk, including Triumphant Tea and Consolation Coffee. And within a ball’s throw of the course are two of the best fish and chips places you could ever wish to find, The Seaview and Oscars. Saltburn also boasts a lovely Victorian pier, a surf school and a miniature railway. All-in-all, a great day out.

Enjoy your round!

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