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Introducing: PongCrazy

Thu, 28 Nov 2013  |  James Palmer, UrbanCrazy

It’s the second weekend of November; it’s Earls Court 2; it’s the 2013 London Golf Show. We were back with an exciting, themed crazy golf course, a separate Hole-In-One Challenge, novelty golf balls for sale and our brand new creation, drumroll please…

…Making its first public outing was our unique, gourmet table tennis game PongCrazy, a collaborative effort by UrbanCrazy’s Jon, Kate, Dave and Marcin.

While the 6-hole minigolf course kept folk entertained a steady queue for the ping pong table – uniquely themed to resemble a sweeping golf fairway with greens and swathes of rough – showed just how popular PongCrazy is going to be.

The concept is simple. With holes cut in either side of the table, players are encouraged to aim for their opponent’s “cup” to score double points. The jeopardy comes in the form of rough (carpeted for effect) which, if a player strays there, will earn their rival a bonus point. Points can also be won in the traditional way, by forcing one’s opponent to hit the net or miss the table altogether. It’s a game of tactics, skill and always a thrill!

A few feet away our Hole-In-One Challenge was fiercely contested across the event. Players were given three attempts from the tee to dodge the windmill and bag an ace. Only the brave, fortunate and most talented of players managed the feat and were entered into a draw at the end of each day to win a pair of tickets to any European destination, generously donated by Monarch Airlines. The winners have been announced as:
• Colin Hickman
• Sam Bench
• Lorna Mathon

View the gallery in the top right of this page for a selection of images from our stand.

Super blogger, Richard Gottfried, has written a post about our minigolf course and another about PongCrazy. Check them out here and here.

Keep an eye out for more, dazzling themed PongCrazy tables coming out soon. They are perfect for motivating office staff, entertaining your party guests and inspiring students. If you would like to hire one or more tables from us – or commission us to design one especially for you – contact us now for more details.

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