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Willy Aceit versus Noah Chance

Tue, 05 Feb 2013  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

Willy Aceit is on the 18th hole of his local minigolf course and needs to sink the ball in one to beat his close friend and rival in what has been a very heated and intense match! He has his trusty 35” UrbanCrazy blue putter in one hand and his gold ball (selected from a choice of 24 vibrant colours) in the other. He walks to the hole and places the ball on the UrbanCrazy rubber tee mat.

Willy knows the hole well and aims for a rebound off the wall (made with UrbanCrazy’s exclusive, stylish kerbing blocks) on the left side just before the water feature. He needs just enough pace to trickle over the mound for the best chance of it going in – and he knows he will get a reliable bounce. With beads of sweat on his brow and an UrbanCrazy red on white numbered flag flapping about in his peripheral vision, he pulls back the solid yet safe putter with its Nitrile rubber head. He plays the shot… it whizzes across the UrbanCrazy ‘Smooth Putt’ playing surface (with a comparable stimpmeter reading to that of Augusta greens). The glossy, Surlyn-coated ball does everything he hoped it would and, on its final revolution, plops into the UrbanCrazy drainage cup. He has done it! His rival, Noah Chance, begrudgingly takes the UrbanCrazy bespoke scorecard and pencil out of his pocket and marks down Willy’s hole-in-one.

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