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The 2014 Apex Plaza Cup

Thu, 09 Oct 2014  |  Michael Angel, UrbanCrazy

I didn’t know what to expect working for UrbanCrazy at my first ever booking. I quickly found out what it was all about…

The beautifully-designed minigolf holes, tailored layout and clinical planning ensured the best possible outcome, another successful event for the tenants of Apex Plaza Business Centre, Reading. Running concurrently with the Ryder Cup in Gleneagles, the 2014 Apex Plaza Cup took over the centre’s atrium, where tea and lunch breaks turned into a hive of putting and ping pong activity for a couple of days.

Huge grins were painted on the faces of the participants, eager to shoot the lowest possible score on our flowing 9-hole course. That feat was achieved by Kevin Tonge of Aldermore with a magnificent 16, a round that in fact contained 3 aces. His prize was not a bottle, nor a magnum, but a case of champagne courtesy of the business centre management. Nice work Kevin!

We also brought along a selection of our outrageously exciting and quirkily-themed table tennis tables, aka “PongCrazy”. This game is fast-paced as well as tactical, where aiming for zones around the tables can also win you bonus points. It was quite evident how focussed the players became, trying to figure the best way to catch out their rivals and be the first to reach 21 points.

It’s lucky there were snacks and drinks on site because some people just couldn’t stop playing! Please take a look at the gallery of photos (top right) for a flavour of the event, expertly captured by Jack Butler Photography.

A big thank you to Aaron Pope of M&G, who after booking us for this, the third time, offered these kind words “Thanks again for what was an excellent event. I look forward to doing this all again in 2 years!”

And my appreciation is extended to my colleagues and to the participants, all of whom made it worthwhile for me. I really enjoyed my time in Reading and can’t wait for my next UrbanCrazy event, wherever that may be.

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