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It’s darts, Jim, but not as we know it

Mon, 18 Dec 2017  |  Jon Angel, UrbanCrazy

Have you seen our newest game yet? DartsCrazy is a hybrid of golf and darts and is the world’s largest target-based game of its kind, playable in numerous formats. It can be hired for all manner of functions, be they corporate, public or social and is perfect for team building events, promotions or even as an ice breaker at your wedding!

The activity is portable, so we can assemble it in your venue, office or garden so long as you’ve got the space. You can putt, throw or chip at the target (we supply juggling thuds for the throwing version and low-impact balls for the golf versions). And don’t worry a jot if you’re not that good at either golf or darts, we find that all-comers enjoy the experience.

Our operators will come and set it all up for you and can even run tournaments if desired. Game formats include: Elimination, Aggregate, Shotgun and Sudden-Death. Or you could simply play for a bit of a giggle.

It’s also customisable so, for example, we could insert your company logo in the ‘treble 20’ bed. Or how about a photo of the wedding couple in place of the ‘bullseye’?!

Jacqui from Essex played and commented afterwards “The game is big and really stands out. I really enjoyed the throwing and putting formats, but most of all I enjoyed beating my husband! What a cool idea, the possibilities are endless”. Julian from North Finchley added “DartsCrazy is an excellent and eye-catching, grown up game and the colours are really authentic. As for the game-playing it was simple, straight-forward and didn’t need too much instruction”.

Join Julian and Jacqui and get YOUR fix of jumbo joy. Get in touch now to find out more.

DartsCrazy… it’s fun on a crazy scale!

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