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Don’t eat the obstacles

Mon, 11 Jun 2012  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

We’ve seen some really ‘crazy’ crazy golf courses in our time, but this one took the biscuit! Food architects Bompas and Parr created a 9-hole cake-themed course on the roof of Selfridges; with such superb obstacles and features in the shape of London’s most famous landmarks, its enough to make your legs turn to jelly. What a treat to go and play on this course – especially as we provided them with all the cups, putters and balls they required, putting the cherry on the cake of one of the most unique mini golf courses we have ever seen. For 10 points, how many puns have you seen in this first paragraph?

The roof of Selfridges has been famed for its entertainment value over the years and in addition to a boating lake, rifle range and café, it had boasted a popular crazy golf course in the 1930s. The idea behind this new course – Selfridges Big British Bang – is their own tribute to the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We were amazed at the attention to detail and the number of ‘firsts’ for a British mini golf course including: bakewell tart scented scorecards; a giant Selfridges shaped cake; and UrbanCrazy’s ‘Vegas Gold’ golf balls. Click on the photo (top right) to see how tasty the course looks. For 10 more points can you tell us whether Bompas and Parr used real jelly on the ‘Jelly Hole’ or not?

So, what happened when UrbanCrazy’s Jon, Dave and myself played? Who won you may ask? The (big) golf player (Dave) vs the former British Minigolf Team member (Jon) vs the snooker player (me). Whilst it was fairly close for the duration, as I am sure you would have guessed… the minigolf player won, but only by 1 stroke. The snooker player came a close second, with the big golf player coming third – what a pudding! For a final 10 points can you guess what the winning score was?

Why not visit the course yourself by going along to Selfridges or pre booking tickets by clicking here and tweet us your scores to @Urban_Crazy

We at UrbanCrazy provide a wide range of high-grade accessories to many courses across the UK and Europe. If you would like more details please drop us a line or view our accessories page.

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