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Bespoke Putters

Tue, 20 Dec 2016  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

Working in the world of crazy golf I’m continually surprised with requests from customers, even after all these years. So when a client asked us to create 400 custom-made putters we knew it would be an exciting project!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Swingers, the swanky crazy golf club, just a stone’s throw from the Gherkin in London. An existing client of ours, who we’ve known since they opened their first venue in Shoreditch, approached us with the idea and after a couple of conversations we accepted the challenge of producing the work.

We decided to strip our standard putter down and re-invent it using a deluxe grip and specially designed shaft wrap to display their company logo. Initially we gathered a number of sample putter grips and produced a variety of designs for how we wanted the shaft wrap to look. We then installed the grips and fixed the wraps onto the shaft, completing half a dozen samples.

We then worked with the team at Swingers to find the best of the prototypes and one that would befit such a high-profile venue and renowned brand. We were delighted at the selected choice, made in 3 different putter lengths with shaft colour gold (short), graphite (medium-length) and navy blue (long). Have a look at the images on the right for the process and finished product. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Would you like tailored or custom-built minigolf putters for your course? Speak to a member of the UrbanCrazy team for more info…

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