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A Question of Sport: Super Saturday

Wed, 23 Jul 2014  |  Richard Linden, UrbanCrazy

At UrbanCrazy we’ve come to the conclusion that the BBC absolutely loves crazy golf! To date this is the 7th time that our portable courses have appeared on the Beeb. For the latest instalment we went right back to where we started with ‘A Question of Sport’, but this time it was their spin-off show, ‘Super Saturday’. The production team gave us the brief to create a colourful and eye-catching course with 5 fairways, each of a different colour, all meeting at the central pentagonal green.

A Question of Sport: Super Saturday, a 5 part series hosted by comedian Jason Manford and presenter Helen Skelton, aired for the first time on 21 June and ran every Saturday night until the final episode on 19 July, which featured our miniature golf creation. It kept to a similar format as its long-standing parent show with the 2 regular team captains, Phil Tufnell and Matt Dawson, battling it out in a series of games, quizzes and challenges. They were joined by a changing line up of well-known guests including the likes of Michael Vaughan, Rebecca Adlington and Anton Du Beke.

We were impressed with the huge effort the show’s organisers put into devising sport-related games that were attention-grabbing, yet whimsical enough to make the personalities look incredibly comical at times. It certainly succeeded on this front, with crazy activities such as ‘Extreme karaoke’, ‘Dizzy penalties’ and ‘Surfing on artificial waves’.

For the minigolf challenge, 7 year old golf prodigy Jayden Phipps was invited along to demonstrate his skills. Hailed as the next Tiger Woods, at the age of four he was already scoring holes in one and teeing off with a ball balanced on his dad’s mouth!

The set up worked really well. The teams were asked alternate random sports trivia questions. For every correct answer Jayden would attempt to win the respective team a point by scoring an ace. I might add that he achieved a 100% success rate! The difficulty level became apparent when questions were answered incorrectly whereupon it was left to the guests to play the shot. Pixie Lott and Terry Alderton both tried and failed to sink the ball. Check out the photos and video clip in the right hand column.

We really enjoyed creating this one-off minigolf game for the BBC. If you have any ideas for a quirky and unique minigolf invention, we’d love to hear from you!

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